About Our Area

Huntingdon County’s unique mix of forests, farms and small towns make it a pleasure to visit and an ideal place to live.

Comprised of 48 townships and boroughs, Huntingdon County is largely rural. It is a place where people know their neighbors and families have roots that reach back for generations.

Huntingdon County is located in south central Pennsylvania, among ridges of the Appalachian Mountains. The area is nicknamed “Land of 1,000 Hills,” as the area is laced by forested ridges and agricultural valleys. The Huntingdon Area comprises approximately 100 square miles of the county’s 895 square miles. Approximately 72% of the county is forested, 22% agricultural and 4% developed.

Many of our members are proud to be part of this rich agricultural region and are actively involved in helping to make our county fair one of the largest agricultural fairs in the state.

Petersburg Bethel Presbyterian Church is located near the towns of Petersburg, Alexandria and Huntingdon, and is proud to be part of the Juniata Valley School District.

We often partner with the school district on a variety of outreach initiatives to care for our communities.

But, the community is full of surprises. Juniata College started here in 1876, attracts 1,600 students annually and their influence helps to give the area a younger more vibrant feel. In fact, a few years ago, a poll of readers resulted in Budget Travel naming Huntingdon the 5th Coolest Small Town in the United States.

Overall, connecting to people and connecting to the land are two of our most valued activities. We do this with full awareness that all of these good things come from God, and are part of our stewardship and worship.